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Executive Summary

The process of planning for the next five years began in February 2012. A Committee was assembled of younger and older members, members who have arrived more recently and those who have been here for a long time, those who attend 8:30 and those who attend 10:30, male and female, and those who hold elective positions and those who do not.

Our approach was to:

  1. Consider our Mission and ministry

  2. Evaluate how well we are advancing the mission through
    1. Internal analysis of our worship, activities, education and resources
    2. External analysis by church professionals
    3. Comparison of how we function and what are our resources with similar congregations of the Diocese of Pennsylvania
  3. Project our finances for the next five years

  4. Develop recommendations for the future

Our first step was to consider our Mission Statement which resulted in the following:

Christ Church is a welcoming place of spiritual refuge for all
who seek to extend the teachings of Jesus into their lives.

We make these recommendations for Christ Church, Ithan:

  1. We will engage in an active campaign to raise the visibility of Christ Church and attract new members

  2. We will strive to significantly increase our revenue from the use of our buildings

  3. We will build on our strong culture of giving by introducing a program of Estate Giving to encourage members to remember Christ Church, Ithan in their wills

  4. A planning committee will be established no later than 2014 to prepare for a Centennial Celebration in 2016 that will include a capital campaign

To achieve these recommendations, the following goals and objectives are advised:

  1. Maintain a balance of fostering a spiritual, physical, and interpersonal refuge at Christ Church with developing a constructive approach to expanding the outreach and membership of the parish
  2. Promote diversity
  3. Further the use of our facilities
  4. Enhance fundraising
  5. Plan a Centennial Celebration

Throughout the process we were impressed by what a wonderful parish Christ Church, Ithan is. The parishioners participate actively in the life of the church, give generously of their time and treasure, and support the traditions, as well as the opportunities to change and grow, that have been encouraged over the years. We believe that this plan will provide the parish with a path for further growth, while affirming the faith, grace and strength that has made this church so wonderful.