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Below are links to PDF versions of The Spire newsletter

Spring 2017 How Are You Waiting?
Lent 2017 Invitation to Lent
Advent 2016 Inspiration and the Hallelujah Chorus
Summer 2016 Charting the Course
Spring 2016 Love's Victory
Lent 2016 The Three Ls
Advent 2015 Dealing With Change
Late Summer 2015 All Things New
Spring 2015 On The Move
Lent 2015 Here Comes The Son
Advent 2014 Merry Advent
Late Summer 2014 Fall Forward
Summer 2014 Centennial Project
Lent 2014 A Liturgical Experiment
Advent 2013 Service Times
Fall 2013 The Plan Begins To Bear Fruit
Summer 2013 Action Steps
Lent 2013 Mobilizing For Action
Fall 2012 One Last Card from the Sermon Box
Summer 2012 Simplify For The Summer
Lent / Easter 2012 Lent As Opportunity
Christmas 2011 Merry Chr... Advent!
Fall 2011 A Storm Named Peace
Summer 2011 Summer Worship
March 2011 Another New Ministry
Late Fall 2010 Discerning the Spirit of God
Early Fall 2010 Year Two: Here We Go!
Summer 2010 The Sermon Box
Easter 2010 A Tale of Two Meetings
Christmas 2009 A Four Letter Word Spelled T-I-M-E
Fall 2009 Transition
Fall 2008 Fall Back
Summer 2008 Now Is The Time Of Leisure
March 2008 The Ups And Downs Of The Yo-Yo
November 2007 We're Not Going Anywhere
January 2007 It's A New Year
Spring 2006 The Art Of Living In Two Worlds
December 2001 In Sync?
September 2001 September Song
June 2001 Dream On, MacDuff
February 2001 Dessert Without The Main Course
September 2000 Home Truths
June 1999 The Passion Play of Oberammergau